New Trails Open at Arroyo Hondo Headwaters

In the last week, after one year and nearly 1000 hours of volunteer trail building activities, a brand new trail system is beginning to take shape in Arroyo Hondo Headwaters. Beginning with the “21st Amendment” trail which opened up last year we’re now added six new trail segments to TrailForks (you may have to sync the app on your phone for the new trails to show up).

The new trail segments are:

Want to check them all out? Follow this TrailForks route that links them together into a 2-3 hour ride.  Continue reading for details.

21st Amendment

21st Amendment is a 2,057 ft blue single track. It can be ridden in both directions and has a moderate overall physical rating with a 195 ft blue climb. On average it takes 7 minutes to complete.



This trail is part old double track logging road and part new single track.


This trail connects from the bottom to Arroyo Hondo to HBD trail. Climbing the trail has some punchy sections of 12-16% grade. Going down the trail has lots of turns and grade reversals.


Connector to West of FR79 Trail

This is a steep direct connector to the climbing trail (old road) west of FR79.


West of FR79 Old Road Trail

This is an old double track road that has mostly reverted to single track. It offers a more enjoyable way to ride up than FR79 which is bad in a car and not great on a bike… (38 kB)


Pocket Protector

Short connector trail between FR79 and West of FR79 trail. This is an old road that is quite steep going up towards FR79.


Charging Elk

Alternate connector to FR79 that intersects FR79 more to the north than Pocket Protector connector.



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