Why Join A Mountain Bike Club?

Together we can meet new riders, create a better community, increase outdoor recreation, and educate ourselves and others.

Benefits of Membership

As a member, you gain access to a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for the thrill of mountain biking and the satisfaction of crafting trails. This camaraderie provides not only a platform for exchanging tips, tricks, and trail recommendations, but also a supportive network of friends who encourage and inspire one another to push their limits.

IMBA and SFFTS Membership.

Free digital subscription to Mountain Bike Action magazine, delivered to your inbox.

A discount on a new Subaru via IMBA VIP program.

Discounts on over 100 brands of bike and outdoor gear through ExpertVoice.com.

15% discount on Water-to-Go bottles.

Spot injury insurance for mountain bikers: IMBA members and registered family members get Spot for just $74.99 for an entire year.

We Ride Together

Group rides and social events are great way to meet your community. Whether you prefer contemplative rides through the woods or testing out your physical limits, we want to share our love for mountain biking with all.

Advocate For Us All

New trails, better signs, conflict resolution with other users, safer trailheads–there’s a lot to do and we are that voice. Join and become a member!

Keep Learning

Want to learn how to build a perfect berm? Or maybe how to bikepack? There’s limitless possibilities to learn from our members and guests speakers.

Okay, I'm Ready to Join

Through organized events, workshops, and volunteering opportunities, you'll enhance your technical skills, learn about trail stewardship, and deepen your connection to the great outdoors. Whether you're a seasoned rider or just starting out, membership in such a club opens doors to unforgettable experiences, skill development, and the gratification of preserving and enhancing the beauty of nature for current and future generations.


Become A Member

By joining, your contribution helps support this organization and we will keep you up to date on news, announcements, and upcoming projects.


Join #Slack

Slack is a tool we use to organize topics and communications. Find out about rides, join a committee, or communicate directly with other members.


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