Why join your local mountain bike club?

Do you love the Santa Fe MTB scene? Ever wonder why we have so many awesome options for riding? You may not realize that most trail building and maintenance is done by volunteer organizations like the Santa Fe Fat Tire Society. If you’re not already a member, here are five reasons to join now. In […]

How We Build Trails, From Planning to Riding

Our Trails Santa Fe is blessed with a wide variety of trails for hiking, running, mountain biking and horseback riding. From the iconic Winsor to more recent developments like Glorieta Camps, they are invaluable assets for locals and visitors alike. Although many may take them for granted, most trails are the result of a lot […]


Ever been riding completely in the ‘zone’, skirting past the trees, catching the glinting sunlight, and listening to your freehub whiz only to be snapped from your moment of Zen by a downed tree blocking your path? Yeah, we hate that too. As the trail adopters for the Forest Service, the Fat Tire Society has […]

Nambe Badlands

The area called Sombrillo BLM Lands is commonly referred to as the Nambe Badlands. Total acreage is over 10,000 acres and includes the Santa Cruz Lake. The area is bordered on the East Side by the National Forest, the South side by the Nambe Pueblo Grant Reservation, on the North side is Chimayo and to […]