2023 IMBA Spring Membership Drive

Join your local IMBA chapter during May, help to build and maintain local trails, and enter to win some swag!

Trails unite us all and provide the freedom and escape from a busy, complex world we all need. More people mountain biking is a good thing for our community and having trails for everyone is important. Not a mountain biker? Most of the trails we build and maintain are multi-purpose, meaning that they are designed for hikers, runners, equestrians as well as for mountain bikes. Join us today!

Why join your local mountain bike club?

Do you love the Santa Fe MTB scene? Ever wonder why we have so many awesome options for riding? You may not realize that most trail building and maintenance is done by volunteer organizations like the Santa Fe Fat Tire Society. Without you, trails fall into disrepair and access may be lost.

Fortunately, your generous support of the Santa Fe Fat Tire Society trail stewardship keeps the fun of mountain biking going. Not a member? Here are five reasons to join now.

We build and maintain trails

During 2022 SFFTS volunteers spent over 2000 hours on trail construction and maintenance including 5 new trails in the Arroyo Hondo Headwaters and the first downhill specific mountain bike trail in the Santa Fe National Forest. In 2023 we plan to add even more trails in the area.

We work with local landowners to represent the MTB community’s interests

Our trails are built on federal, state, county, city and private land. The SFFTS government relations committee works with all of these landowners to promote the benefits of recreational trails, propose new trails and improvements to existing trails, and contribute funding and resources to build them. Last year we received grants from both the State of New Mexico and the National Forest Service to continue our work.

We support cycling in the community

Through programs like Bikes for Kids, Atalaya Flyers, Santa Fe Rattlers NICA team, and local schools, we encourage kids to take up biking as part of an active lifestyle.

Your contributions stay here

As your local IMBA affiliate we pay a small fee to the national organization for use of their membership platform, but the majority of your contribution is spent in the Santa Fe area.

You could win some swag!

If you join or renew during the IMBA spring membership drive in May  you’ll have a chance to win one of ten prize packages which include a Yeti SB160 worth over $9,000. Click here for details on the prize packages and here for rules.


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Ride Build Maintain Sanctioned Trails

Remember to always Ride, Build, Maintain Sanctioned Trails

Remember to always Ride, Build, and Maintain Sanctioned Trails! Santa Fe Fat Tire Society (SFFTS) is opposed to any unsanctioned/illegal trail maintenance or construction. SFFTS works with land managers (e.g. Santa Fe city, USFS, BLM, Commonweal Conservancy/GBP) to build new trails and maintain existing trails. Building unsanctioned trails is detrimental to our access, damages the reputation of the mountain bike community, and can jeopardize the success of ongoing projects. If you are interested in building or maintaining trails in your area, it’s time to get involved! Read more about our current volunteer opportunities and trailwork projects!