Atalaya Flyers

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There are 3 separate functions to the Flyers. There is the Atalaya Flyer Cadets- ages 5-12. Alongside them, the Atalaya Flyers Team- ages 13 thru senior in high school, and lastly there's the Santa Fe NICA Composite Team. The team is made up of middle school thru high school age children. Currently, only high school students are eligible to race in Colorado, although middle school students can participate and train with the NICA team.

The NICA team season is 8/1 thru approx. 10/23 with the race season taking place between that period of time. The Atalaya Flyers is an all year program, whereas the NICA subset basically is a 3-month program within that period of time. The Flyers will be participating in the New Mexico Offroad racing series as interest dictates. Currently, there is NO CHARGE for any of these programs.

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