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The 2020 Board of Directors Election is over and we have the results! Five of the seven board members with expiring terms, Tim Fowler, Carl Gable, David Grafe, Patti Jenkins, and Sue McKelvey chose to run again and all were re-elected. Many thanks to outgoing members Nigel Otto and Pete Prince. The two remaining slots were filled by Sandra Corso and Bailey Newbrey. Congratulations to the new and returning members and thanks to all who participated.

Of course, serving on the board isn't the only way to get involved. There are still plenty of opportunities to participate. Subscribe to our Slack channel to keep up to date on projects and committee work. And if you ran for a board seat or are interested in running next year, please consider attending future board meetings. It's is a great way to get familiar with the people and processes which will give you a head start on next year's election.

NICA Team Fri, 18 May 2018 12:47:05 +0000

The Beginning for Scholastic Racing in Santa Fe

In 2018, the Santa Fe Fat Tire Society is supporting the development of a local NICA team to compete in the Colorado race series. What is NICA? NICA, or the National Interscholastic Cycling Association, is an organization for the development, training, and racing for middle school and high school mountain bikers.

Currently, Colorado has a very large race scene with over 400 coaches alone. New Mexico is lagging behind, but the club is here to change that! This year the club has established an independent club team that will begin competing for this fall in CO. All races are cross-country with a focus on camaraderie, personal development, and fun!

Sawyers Mon, 07 May 2018 17:42:55 +0000

Keeping your trails clear

Ever been riding completely in the 'zone', skirting past the trees, catching the glinting sunlight, and listening to your freehub whiz only to be snapped from your moment of Zen by a downed tree blocking your path?

Yeah, we hate that too.

As the trail adopters for the Forest Service, the Fat Tire Society has a handful of certified sawyers on hand to help keep our trails clear. With the larger deadfall, handsaws are not an option, so these volunteers will ride their bikes in full protective gear with a chainsaw strapped to their back. Yes, really. See a tree down on the trail? Let us know via Slack and we'll get someone on it. Enjoy the trails and be safe.

Winsor Bridges and Reroute Mon, 07 May 2018 16:55:50 +0000

Bridges, reroutes, and creek crossings

The Winsor trail is Santa Fe's iconic ride and because of that, it also sees the highest amount of visitation. With support from the Forest Service, the Santa Fe Fat Tire Society paid for, built and installed the bridges that your cross on the Winsor trail. Likewise, after some heavy monsoon floods over the past few seasons, sections became unsustainable, thus we rerouted and armored sections most likely to wash out in the future.

Next time you ride the whole Winsor and realize you don't need to re-lube your chain or replace your bottom bracket, give a shout out to our volunteers who spent many a long hour building these features for your enjoyment.

Nambe Badlands Tue, 24 Apr 2018 15:11:39 +0000

New trails being developed near Nambe

The area called Sombrillo BLM Lands is commonly referred to as the Nambe Badlands. Total acreage is over 10,000 acres and includes the Santa Cruz Lake. The area is bordered on the East Side by the National Forest, the South side by the Nambe Pueblo Grant Reservation, on the North side is Chimayo and to the West is La Puebla. Access is by County Rd 503 Which intersects the land approx. 5 miles from Hwy 84 at Pojoaque, NM. There are several singletrack trails and dirt roads on both sides of the county road. Camping is available at the overlook of Santa Cruz Lake. We are proposing to put in an additional 30 miles of single track in the future. ride-able year round. Mostly moderate terrain. Lots of views.