What’s in Your Toolkit?

Have you ever been stranded on a bike ride? Here's what to carry to get back on the road.

What's in your backpack?

Have you ever:

  • Been 10 miles out from the nearest car with a cut in your tire side wall that you can't get to seal? I have.
  • Been mid-race when your freehub fails and you need to convert your bike into a fixed gear to ride the last section in? I have.
  • Been on a group ride to realize that you hadn't filled your tire sealant in a little too long? I have.

If you've been riding long enough You've probably run into a situation that left you wishing you had something extra in your pack. We've all been there and we've all learned. So let us help you learn from our "learning opportunities"! Here's a quick and dirty guide of what to carry with you when you head out on a ride so you don't end up stranded!

Image of tools recommended to carry on a bike ride.
Photo of methods to carry tools on a bicycle
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