We've been busy!

As covid restrictions were lifted in the spring SFFTS got back to work and play. Here’s a summary of some of our activities.

New trails in Santa Fe National Forest

After several years of work with the Pecos Ranger District, final approval has been given to construct five new trails in the Arroyo Hondo headwaters area. The goal is to provide an alternative riding area to the heavily used Winsor Trail watershed and ultimately, better connectivity between Dale Ball South and the Glorieta trail network. While most of the trails are multi-use and open to bikers, hikers, runners and equestrian, there is also approval to build the first mountain bike specific downhill trail in the Santa Fe National Forest. This approval includes a total of approximately 6 miles of new trails, with a second phase of another 4-5 miles of trails still in the approval process.

SFFTS contributed hundreds of hours of volunteer time in countless meetings, phone calls, and email threads as well as scouting, flagging, recording and surveying the proposed trails.  Due to lack of FS staff availability, SFFTS hired an archeologist to complete the cultural resource surveys required as part of the NEPA approval process.  The club has spent over $9,000 in support of this project.

Construction has begun on the first trail which will be the first new, official, trail on USFS Santa Fe National Forest in over 10 years. In addition to the new construction, existing social trails in the area are being added to the official trail inventory. 

Want to help out? Check the trail work calendar or Slack channel for details on work dates.

Six More Miles of trail in Galisteo Basin

Led by Peter Olson and Brent Bonwell, SFFTS volunteer trail crew members spent over 800 hours building White Rock Grotto, a new six mile loop at the southeastern corner of the Galisteo Basin preserve. The new trail is a bit bumpy for sure, but is absolutely gorgeous with tons of amazing views. If you didn’t make it to any of the work days you can still help. Load the track from Trailforks and get out there and help ride it in! As always, many thanks to Commonweal Conservancy for the opportunity to expand the GBP trail network.

Lower Winsor Trail Improvements

About five years ago Henry Carey worked with the Forest Trust and the Santa Fe Conservation Trust to grant a permanent easement through his property for the Winsor Trail. At the time, Peter Prince and Henry Lanman Jr. of the Santa Fe Fat Tire Society worked on a re-route proposal to improve sustainability and drainage.  

This year Mr. Carey hired a crew from Mora to clear and cut the trail. Henry Jr and Tim Rogers guided the Mora crew and ensured that the reworked areas were built sustainably.  Mr. Carey then hired Henry Lanman III and Teddy Jaramijo to scarify the old trail, re-work the rutted trail area to create a sustainable tread, and install two culverts where the pond overflow had created a mud bog.  They also raised the trail tread approximately three feet and dressed it all the way to Bauer road.

Many thanks to Mr. Carey, Forest Trust, Santa Fe Conservation Trust, and trail advocates Henry Lanman Jr., Henry Lanman III, Teddy Jaramillo, and Tim Rogers for these improvements.

Group Rides are Back

This May we were psyched to start the group rides again.   As usual, the Tuesday Womens' ride is very well attended!  Although not quite as big, the Wednesday ride has been a ton of fun and most weeks there has either been a new member or someone who is visiting the area that has joined us.  We’ve ridden Dale Ball, La Tierra, Galisteo Basin Preserve and Glorieta.   Be sure to check our events calendar and/or social media for latest updates.  We’d love to see you there! 

Crew Leader Training

This spring and summer Brent Bonwell led a Trail Crew Leader training for 5 SFFTS members who will eventually help lead trail work days on all of the new trails we will soon be working on in the SFNF! Interested in becoming a crew leader? Contact us at info@santafefattiresoceity.org and we’ll put you on the list for the next training session.


In January of 2021 The SFFTS donated $2500 to the Nina Otero Community School to help support their after school biking program for the approximately 760 students at the K-8 school.  We are delighted to be a part of providing an opportunity for underserved kids to be exposed to biking and look forward to seeing them on the trails someday! 

On a sadder note, Annijke Wade, one of the trainees for Crew Leader Training,  was seriously injured in an accident at Angel Fire this summer. Annijke’s positive attitude was, and continues to be, infectious and we wish her all the best during her recovery. We know she will continue to be a leader in whatever avenue she chooses to pursue.  Click here if you want to join us in helping with her expenses during recovery.

Upcoming Events

There are plenty of opportunities to participate in an organized ride or race this fall. Follow the events calendar or events page on our website for details. Here are a few of the upcoming events;

8/28 - Core Crew Torture at Glorieta Camps
9/18 - Santa Fe Rotary Poker Ride
10/2 - Core Crew Six Hours in the Basin

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