SFFTS November Meeting

Santa Fe Fat Tire Society
November Meeting

Monday, November 8th, 6:30 p.m.
Hosted This Month by Dan McCarthy @ Santa Fe Mountain Sports
1221 Flagman Way Ste B1 (Off Baca St. just to the West of Cerrillos) 505-988-3337
(Meetings are always held on the 2nd Monday of each month, rotating to all of the different SF shops.)

Thank Our Host: Dan McCarthy and Santa Fe Mountain Sports

Secretary: Pat Brown
Treasurer: Gerardo Garcia
Vice President: Bryan Helke
President: Jeff Della Penna
WebMasters: Brent Bonwell & Tim Fowler

AGENDA for Meeting #4
Chaired by - Jeff Della Penna - interim President
Welcome all Attendees
“You don’t have to be a current member to come to a meeting.
Any Friend of Mt. Biking is a Friend of Ours.
BUT…if you don’t intend to join, please refrain from voting.”

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Quick recap of previous meeting minutes. – Society Secretary - Pat Brown
Call for a motion: To accept the minutes from the previous Society Meeting. POSTED

Re-Thank VP - Bryan Helke for his contribution of an IMBA (International Mountain Biking Association) club membership.

Membership/Financial Report: Society Treasurer - Gerardo Garcia
Call for a motion: To designate all members who join the Society, up to 12/31/10, “Founding Members”.

Call for a motion: To create a Special Category of membership, to be known as “Honorary Members”.

Call for a motion: To accept the Mission Statement for the SF Fat Tire Society as follows -
That we are a Mt. Bike Organization dedicated to providing the opportunity for riders of all levels to meet, socialize, improve their knowledge of the trails, and their riding skills, and mostly, to have fun.
That we are strong advocates for responsible Mountain Biking and support the creation of new multi-use trails as well as the maintenance and stewardship of existing trails.
That we will provide a volunteer resource to the Trails Alliance of Santa Fe, the City of Santa Fe, the County, the BLM, as well as the State and National Forest Services.

Advocacy (Advocacy, Public Relations and Trail Docent) Committee - Trail Report: Bob & Steve.

Open Discussion with Dan McCarthy about how he envisions a partnership between The Society and Santa Fe Mountain Sports. His take on the State of Mt. Biking in Santa Fe currently and in the future.

Time will be allotted for Committee meetings or to organize separate committee meeting time.
Reminder: All committee reports for the next Society meeting will need to summarized in writing and emailed to the Society Secretary Pat Brown at least 4 days before the meeting.

Trail Building & Trail Maintenance Committee:
Members: Dan Greshom, Henry Lanman, Bob Ward, Shari Heier, Brian Silva.

Education Committee:
Members: Pat Brown, Tony Farrar.

Advocacy, Public Relations and Trail Docent Committee:
Members: Bob Hirasuna, Bob Ward, John Longworth.

Social/Fun Events and Calendar Committee:
Members: Michael Owen, Martha Formosa, Leif Brown, Tony Alarid

Communications and Social Media Committee (Including Web Masters)
Members: Russell Thurston, Gretchen Reynolds, Brent Bonwell, Tim Fowler.

Contact: Jeff Della Penna - jeffdellapenna@aol.com www.santafefattiresociety.org
FaceBook: Santa Fe Fat Tire Society

Event Date: 
Mon, 11/08/2010 - 6:30pm